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Uptown and Lowdown

Record Label - Release Date: Atco - 1977

Tentative CD release date is May 2005.

Personnel: Pat Liston - lead vocals, guitar, Danny Liston - lead vocals, slide guitar, keyboards, Kevin Saunders - drums, vocals, Max Baker - guitar, vocals, Dickie Steltenpohl - bass, vocals, Paul Willett - keyboards, vocals


Can I Call You a Cab 4:57

She's a Stranger to Me Now 4:42

Lucky Lady 4:47

You Can't Fool Yourself 7:15

The End of Our Road 2:55

Merry-Go-Round 5:18

Now I Found You 3:33

Long Time 9:49

This was the second Mama's Pride album. The songs "She's a Stranger to Me Now" and "Merry-Go-Round" received the most radio airplay. Overall, this was another very good album.

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